Edward Abbey was one of the truly great genius minds of our time. I first became aquainted with his work while I was ironically living in the Sonora desert. My wife and I lived without the use of modern convenience there and in similar fashion across the west coast for nearly a year. I cannot express in words the feeling of being truly detached from modern life. It is strange how in tune with nature that a man can become.

In true Abbey Fashion, (A Season in the Wilderness (1968), we lived in the desert near Yuma, Arizona for our, "Season in the Wilderness." The sky was on fire at night, and by day there was no end to the adventure one could have. Peace. True Peace. In retro-spect I should have never given up the fight to live so close to nature, and I suppose in the not too distant future I will be there again. Alive with the sagebrush, the cactus, and the sidewinder. Sleeping to the hee-haw of the burrow, and the howl of the coyote. Awaking to a sunset that looks liken to the face of God. I love Mr. Abbey, like me an Appalachian country boy turned Desert dwelling hippie.

A man most called, "Colorado John," brought Abbey to my world. I had just finished waking up to the desert sunrise. I walked toward the nearby humble desert shack of my 85 year old friend, "Bad Bob" to shoot the shit and talk about "the way things should be, instead of the way that they are," in his words, when he introduced me to "Colorado John." John was a Nam vet, and we could relate on the common hatred of our armed forces experiences. He later passed me a copy of Desert Solitude, a book which will continue to change my life. It will do so because of the man Edward Abbey. A man that braved the Arizona Desert because it was the last unspoiled resource in this land. He knew that coal would continue to desimate our humble Appalachia. He had to find something that "they" couldn't take. He did. I hope that each of you finds truth in your lives members. Don't give in easily, infact don't give in at all. It ain't worth it, life is too short. If you have to go to the desert and run with the coyote. Just do whatever it takes. Don't let the anyone or anything hold you back from having a life that matters, a life of substance.
Edward Abbey on Revolution:
"The tank, the B-52, the fighter-bomber, the state-controlled police and military are the weapons of dictatorship. The rifle is the weapon of democracy. Not for nothing was the revolver called an "equalizer." Egalite implies liberte. And always will. Let us hope our weapons are never needed—but do not forget what the common people of this nation knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny." (Abbey's Road)
"Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners." ~ Edward Abbey
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