The headlines today have really gotten me.  I know they say no news is good news but come on.  The world is wondering whether or not Adam Lambert's carrier will tank since his not so startling revelation that he is gay.  I want the world to know this sight is against no human being, but why is it even an issue?  The man likes other men and that is fine.  I just do not think that this is the most important issue of the day.  In South Africa alone there were 1,200 more cases of HIV, and tomorrow their will be 1,200 more.  Who are we?  Obviously being gay is an issue in our culture or it would not get so much news, right?  May it be that we do not care about the real issues in the world?  Why is who a person chooses to have sex with, or why they choose to do it a certain way a lifestyle choice that somehow influences the way they talk, dress, music choice, clubs they are involved with?  I am hetero-sexual but it does not influence every aspect of my life.  I mean I workout, I eat right, I dress nice, I play the piano, and I like golden girls.  Oh maybe I'm not hetero, oh yeah I am hetero.  So shove it if you think that being gay means talking with a lisp, or wearing cetain clothes, or if it means you will be the next american idol.  Let's talk about the real issues.  We are so bored in America that we create demi-cultures around certain sex acts.  Grow up people, if you like sex with men and you are man, or women with women, or whatever there shouldn't be a club to join, a side of town to live on, a way to dress, or a way to speak involved.  Just do what you do and I will do her.