The federal government has gone to far.  This new legislation aimed at the tobacco companies is a farce.  It is a wolf in sheeps clothing my fellow citizens.  If the government cared about our health then we would have an optional goverment healthcare program for those who needed it.  If the goverment cared about our health they would not be spending our tax dollars in Iraq and Afgahnistan.  They would be spending it here on health care and education which leads to a health concious society.  They want to control the private sector.  Wake up America!  Soon soda pop and candy will be carrying giant warning labels, and then they will outlaw anything they want.  They already have proposed such ridiculous legislation in California.  Furthermore the goverment is going to use this legislation to create precident to take over our lives.  This is their goal.  It is historically always the goal of government to subvert the people.  The people have to control the government not vise versa.  We have to make a stand now!  Since 9-11 things have gotten so regulated that in order to get a job, to voluteer, or even to camp at some campgrounds you have to pass a background check.  How long before we see people deemed unfit by our goverment shopping only at special stores, working menial jobs if any, and forbidden from recreation activities?  Or worse... Since when did disagreement with the goverment make you a social deviant or a traitor?  Obama has also signed legislation that states any person deemed a danger to society can be jailed and held indefinatly Without Trial.  Are we to stand by while they keep us in check at every turn.  Freedom is calling.  Stand up now or be a slave in the future.