Being an American soldier has always been a thankless job.  From Ira Hayes to Pat Tillman our soldiers, always willing to pay the highest price, get nothing they deserve for the job that they do.  It is certainly not for glory that they act, but they deserve all that we can give them.  This means first and foremost that we avoid getting the nation into police actions oversees where winning is never the objective.  This means providing them with what they need when we do, while attempting to get them out of such situations.  General Stanley McChrystal, the head commander in Afgahnistan, has ordered that troops no longer fight near, around, or in Afgahn homes.  Evidently the general has forgotten the nature of war.  That to announce such a command so publically will undermine our troops efforts on the ground.  This is why we should never get in such conflicts to begin with.  We are fighting a deceptive enemy that is unwilling to fight except through elusive guerrilla warfare.  We cannot assume we can fight such an enemy on diplomatic terms.  However, in the larger picture this is evidence of how we missuse our troops.  It is time to bring them home.