There is a crisis happening in America. This is the crisis of our blindness. We fail to see what is happening to our fellow citizens. We fail to believe that we can change their plight. Detroit, Michigan is the 11th largest city in the United States. It has lost over half of it's residents. The auto industry has thanklessly left the city in shambles. There are no national grocery store chains in a city of nearly a million people. No bailouts to be had. It is a city where over 30% of the residents are on food stamps, and they have no place to buy food. Imagine being in a city with a poor public transit system. A place with more than 22% unemployment. Unemployment was 25% during the depression when people could farm and did not need to work. Now the impact is far more severe. You have no car, no job, and nowhere to buy food. This is America, Don't Tread on Me. This is the link: