The U.S. government, and other statist factions within the allied nations have done it again.  Scaring us over little or nothing for the purpose of gaining exponential power.  I for one am tired of rambling on and on about these things.  People need to wake up and do something.  Stop hoping that the next month will bring back the "Old America."  The only thing that will bring our nation back to its senses is us.  We must organize and act.  I am saying that I am willing, but I cannot do it alone.  We need to organize some kind of constitutional protest, the likes of which has not been seen since the 1960's, in Washington, D.C.  The terrorist that is accused of doing these recent acts of terror is a double agent.  Probably paid off by those in power or ignored just like 9-11 to excuse more beuracracy.  People, the goverment is not going to protect you.  They will get the power, and then we will be SOL.  Period.  The CIA is responsible for all kinds of stuff that the American people never approved of.  Why trust them.  Come on people?  I will say this again, you may be afraid but I am not.  I fear no goverment entity, they have no power over me.  I am aware of more than they will ever know.  If you are willing please submit some ideas on what we can do to get this thing started.