We all know racism is still a part of our society.  You have black churches.  You have white churches.  You have black universities.  You have white universities.  You have black communities.  You have white communities.  You have black sitcoms.  You have boring sitcoms, just kidding.  Anyway you get the point.  However racism is a disease not a joke.  While we as a nation are merely a carrier of this disease today occasionally it decides to make another outbreak.  Front page news today October 16, 2009, "Interracial Couple refused Marriage License."  At first glance one would think that there was more to such a story.  After all we are past this aren't we?  Well dillusionally speaking yes.  We are past lot's of things as Americans.  We are past imperialism, we are past poverty, we are past useless money motivated wars, we are past racism.  However in reality we are all the ugly things we do not see through our "rose-colored glasses."  This story is even more shocking than you may think.  According to this article from the A.P. Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, LA denied multiple interracial couples marriage licenses in the past 2 1/2 years because, "from my experience interracial marriages don't last long," and "it is a tragety for the children and I won't put them through it."  He went on to say in so many words, "I am not a racist I just don't believe the races should be mixing that way."  Wow, what do you say to that?  Unfortunatly this man did use a logical line of reasoning for his decision.  He said that blacks do not accept the children of interracial marriage, and neither do whites.  Keep mind this is the same man who claims he is not a racist because he has lots of black friends that he allows to come into his house and use the bathroom.  However there is some truth here.  We do not accept interracial children.  My wife is black and I am white and often we find that we are hated by everyone.  Even as the DNA molecule cannot distinguish between race and proves that all of us are rooted in Africa, we are hated by all.  We share a common ancestor Ardipithecus Ramidus or "Ardi."  Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, several million years ago walked bipedally through the forest of Africa in one unified hominid.  We are all brothers and sisters.  My wife is actually half-white and half-black.  The blacks usually consider her an Uncle Tom while the whites call her black by the "one drop rule."  When are we going to accept that science and technology have unified us.  Race is an archaic separation created by religion and culture.  We need to accept ourselves.  We can still be our unique selves without racial division.  Most cultures today are a mezcal, or hodgepodge if you will, of lot's of peoples and beliefs.  Why do we hang on to our false defintions of hatred and racial bigotry?  Grow up America.