For the past century the government has done a lot of questionable things.  It seems that there is always some group that they are trying to make out to be the enemy.  First it was the Indians, then the Blacks, then the Japanese, then the Communists, then the Blacks again, and now it is everyone Islamic and/or suspected terrorists.  This is not unlike the red scare.  The only difference is those who our government is oppressing.  We have to ask ourselves how far have we really come as a nation.  Our history is wrought with hypocracy.  Are we really ready for universal health care.  Well I hope so.  You see I rag on the government a lot.  I do it because our government is corrupt beyond repair.  I do it to keep them in check.  Socialism is working in most of the affairs of Europe they say.  Well imagine a camera on every corner.  It is just that until the world changes, until people change, there will be no change.