I have to say that this rings in with the whole "tea-party" name, but it is far from their ideology.  Teabaggers do not favor social programs, they favor a massive military, CIA, FBI, and homeland security.  They favor a highly moral facist state.  I want to assert these facts before I go any further.  However, I favor social programs, small federal and state goverment, limited military, the right to bear arms, and no invasive programs like the CIA. That said currently our tax dollars fund social programs that do not function.  They go to fund massive invasive organizations like Homeland Security.  In short, our taxes go those people that take away our freedoms.  As such I feel that we should not have to pay taxes to this goverment.  In fact until this goverment actually functions for the people and by the people, we should not have to do anything for them.  We should consider asking them to remove themselves from power.  By the way Wesley Snipes agrees as the article below asserts, and so do many others.  I guess that is pretty good validation.  Wonder why you have not heard from Mr. Snipes lately?, He was recently bailed out of jail, for refusing to pay taxes to a nation that does nothing for the people.  He is appealing three years in prison.  That is something the federal government and state controlled media managed to keep under raps until the IRS bombing.  Why?  Now they think they can stop people from opposing them.  Perhaps get a little more bureacracy.  He was establishing training "compounds" for what the government says was "bodyguard training." It seems that every time someone attempts to do anything that this government does not like they come in and shut it down.  Gives new meaning to the, "land of the free, and home of the brave."