I do not care what you think about America.  We are in bad shape.  In many societies violence has existed.  It is just that usually people can surmise the reason behind it.  For example it is a bad idea to go to certain neighborhoods in light of the high drug activity or the violence that is present there.  However in America you never know when, where, or why someone may get the urge to just start shooting, and that is a problem unlike any other mankind has ever faced.  We haved a dark underlying problem in our society.  They want you to give until there is nothing left of yourself and your life itself is spent on fruitless endeavors.  They want your spirit, your mind, and your body to the system.  They need you to believe so that everything runs smoothly.  Well it is not running smoothly.  We need to awaken as a nation to the reality of our lives.  We have little if any freedom, and what freedom we have left is being sucked dry.