For many years my wife and I have lived as close to the earth as possible. We have put our hands into the soil and felt our future and our past. We have composted, and planted, and foraged. We have become close to mother nature. I can tell you the climate is changing, and if we don't do something about it soon it could be too late... and we don't want that, trust me. I wish I could elaborate on that, but all I can really say is we have to stop destroying our planet. We have to figure out how to get sustainable energy out of the hands of oligarchs.  We need to find a way to bring green living into the lives of every person on earth.  We need population control. We need a massive change. If we could find a way to take the power back, and evolve to love one another perhaps we could solve some of these problems. All I really know is I have to keep fighting, we have to keep fighting. What else is there to do really?