Michael Moore's new documentary film, "Capitalism: A Love Story," is a direct assault on our way of economic life since the industrial revolution.  But, is he justified?  He says that our system does not give the people the power over the economy.  Well my fellow citizens Michael Moore is right.  The thing is that we need to begin to assume controlling interest of all business in America.  Many people believe that socialism is the government taking control of industry, commerce, and everything else.  Well along that same line of reasoning the government just passed the single largest socialist piece of legislation in our history with the bailouts.  The problem is they bailed out wall street not main street.  What we need is to take control of our economy.  What should have happened when the banks failed.  First, we should have allowed the stock market to collapse.  Rather then rebooting a system that is doomed to fail us again we should have taken some simple steps toward a better economic methodology.  Then we should have given controlling interest of every company in the United States to the people that work for those companies.  This has been successful with many fledgling companies in the past.  Once the companies were in the hands of real Americans you can bet that manufacturing would return to the United States.  Then we would enact legislation that would place a nation-wide income cap on the percentage of profit that could be paid the ceo versus the every day worker.  This would allow for some upward mobility but would prevent trusts, monopolies, and the gathering of massive individual wealth.  Of course in fields like medicine the pay scale would start much higher than other businesses. Doctors for example would start in the $80,000 a year range and make up to $500,000 annually as is the case in much of the E.U.  We would set a minimum annual salary of $20,000 a year for all jobs in the United States.  We would enact a four day 35 hour per work week as is the case in France.  We would have mandatory one month vacations per annum as well.  Also we could have higher taxes on the profit surplus that would occur above the income gap ratio.  This would allow for the creation of free universities, free healthcare, free housing, and free food programs for those who cannot work or who are out of work.  Most people would choose not to milk the system because it would not allow for upward mobility for those on welfare.  For example we would not reward irresponsible individuals for having more children as we do now.  You would never bring in more than $15,000 per year for example on welfare.  This would be less than the federal minimum wage.  You could survive and get more food for additional children, but it would be a not frills life.  We would place incentives for eating healthy, working, joining a gym, enhancing education and the like.  This could have been our nation.  We are never to big to fail.  Let's get our government, and our country working for us again.