Everytime we turn around we find out how the CIA assasinated some innocent civilian 20 years ago "by accident", a politician tried to burn some other politician with false evidence, or some other government corruption comes to light when the time is right.  Yet we find it appauling to suggest that these things are going on right now.  Accusations upon the CIA, an organization that just this year revealed secret "death squads" bent on assasination, lends an ear only to those who subscribe to conspiracy theory or the like.  These invasive government organizations operate without respect to the American people in our "so-called" democracy.  If we really live in a democracy then why do these people have the power to end the freedom and even lives of anyone without regard to the people.  Why can they tap our phones, search our homes, and put us in jail indefinatly without trial?  It is time that the American people put a stop to these organizations.  It is time that we demand an open-door policy for what our government is doing.  We are not safer having a goverment that has so much invasive power over us.  We are loosing more and more of our precious freedom everyday.