There is a war for today.  It is not a war oversees in a foreign land, or even here against terrorism.  It is a war for the hearts and minds of men.  They want you to believe that you can be satisfied with a felated mortgage, a thankless job, a false sense of community, or even a family that upon examination is a thin as paper.  They want you to believe.  They want you to follow.  They want you to give until your breath will cease so that they can benefit from your hard work.  They need you to believe.  They need you to believe in their authority, and they need you to believe in their divinity.  They are those in power that do not strive to better the lives of those who get left behind in our society.  Men like Martin Luther King Jr. believed in something greater.  They believed in, and gave their lives for, a higher purpose.  For them mankind was not evil but good.  Was Dr. King naive?  Having seen his brothers killed, and his sisters raped, was he naive?  No my fellow citizens he was not naive.  He knew fullwell what happens when men buy in to their darker side.  Men have a choice which side they will serve.  Dr. King chose the right side inspite of the consequences.  Whom will you choose to serve in this war?


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